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Introducing Alex 'Warble' Harrison

Posted at 10 pm on February 27, 2009 by

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From Fulton, Mississippi, Alex Harrison is an illustrator and painter who counts ‘enchanted art gloves, special paint pens and magical scissors’ as his tools of the trade. His work is of the type that grabs one firmly by the throat before getting a sharp slap across the face – in a good way of course. Harrison’s work is busy and engaging and I am reminded of the surrealist art of the mid twentieth century in parts,  whilst remaining unique, refreshing and contemporary.

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Icon Designs of Tom Nulens

Posted at 10 pm on February 25, 2009 by

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Being a member of, the site that allows contributors of photography, illustration, film and now audio to sell their work, I felt it necessary to draw attention to one of the site’s real success stories in the illustration world. Tom Nulens, who goes by the name ‘Sodafish’, has caught my eye with his extremely successful series of beautiful icon designs.

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I have been featured on another blog by Tanya Fujiki-Hastings. There is a little bit about my interests and the site i work for: iStockphoto, as well as a few samples of my work. Thanks to Tanya for putting this together. I’ll try not to let the fame get to me.

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