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Illustrations of Adam Hancher

Posted at 1 pm on April 27, 2009 by

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Bristol-based Adam Hancher is an illustrator who has caught my attention with a portfolio that gets the application of mood, colour, tone, texture and miniature detail just right. Adam begins his work very roughly, saying that his sketchbooks are often very messy, with much work that remains unfinished. Adam has always been a fan of folk art, and so his work takes a lot from the naive painting quite often associated with it.

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Bubblicious Vector Illustrations of Sascha Preuss

Posted at 4 pm on April 20, 2009 by

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Based in Leverkusen, Germany, and with a qualification in design, Sascha Preuss’ vector illustrations are a stunning example of great artistry, humour and fresh, contemporary appeal.

Sascha begins all of his illustrations with rough sketches. These are redrawn, and other details such as shadows, textures and often ‘small, laughing critters‘ are added. The digital work is effectively planned through the sketch, with the quality of the finished piece being closely linked to the quality of this reworked pencil sketch.

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Rainforest Sanctuaries Series of Tatiana Arocha

Posted at 8 pm on April 16, 2009 by

Posted in: After Effects, Mixed Media, Photoshop, Vector Illustration, Watercolour Illustration

Living in New York City, but originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Tatiana Arocha has produced a spectacular series of illustrations inspired by the Colombian rainforests of her home nation. The series is entitled: ‘Rainforest Sanctuaries’.

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Conceptual Art of Michael Kutsche

Posted at 2 pm on April 14, 2009 by

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Currently working in San Francisco as a character designer for upcoming film ‘John Carter of Mars’ (2012), led by ‘Wall-E’ director Andrew Stanton, it is easy to see how Michael Kutsche’s vision as an illustrator is in high demand. The striking realism of his designs and the skill exhibited in his conceptual illustrations make it hard to believe that Michael, originally from Germany, has undergone no formal training in art or design. He has taken time out of a busy schedule to talk to me.

‘Coming Home’ – mostly Painter, Photoshop tweaks:

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Cassette Tape Illustrations of iRI5

Posted at 1 pm on April 11, 2009 by

Posted in: Hand Craft, Sculpture

In a series entitled ‘Ghost in the Machine’, iRI5, otherwise known as Erika Simmons, has attracted a lot of attention for her amazing skill with a pair of scissors, a cassette tape and some glue. From Georgia in the US, iRI5 never took any formal art classes and has always enjoyed messing around with materials to see the outcome, stating that she ‘makes art with passion, not just for money‘.

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Cool Characters of Carlos Lerma (Lerms)

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Mexican illustrator Carlos Lerma, otherwise known as ‘Lerms’ has a portfolio that is a treat for lovers of contemporary illustration and characters. Lerms is influenced by people as diverse as Yoshitaka Amano, comic artist Craig Thompson, Hope Larson and Sean Galloway, describing himself as a ‘fan of everyone and everything‘.

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