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Story Telling Illustrations of Lizzy Stewart

Posted at 1 pm on July 21, 2009 by

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Lizzy Stewart, who lives and works in Edinburgh, and also recently went to art school there, has some great pencil and painting work. They are packed full of intriguing characters and scenes that conceal various stories.

I asked her a few questions on how she got into illustration, what and who inspires her, her tools and work process and what work is taking up her time at the moment.

What made you decide to get into illustration?

‘I started out studying fine art but switched to illustration at the end
of my first year after realising that …

Character Illustrations of Alberto CerriteƱo

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I decided to interview Mexican illustrator Alberto CerriteƱo to find out more about his quirky, playful and texture-rich style that feature all kinds of intriguing surreal scenes and characters.

Alberto holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, yet is self taught in illustration. ‘I define my illustration style as a form of graphic design.

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Illustrated Song Lyrics of James Clapham

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James Clapham, who is shortly to complete an illustration degree at the Cambridge School of Arts, has a nice collection of illustrated song lyrics. I was interested in these because of the visual satisfaction that arises through integrating text and visual images and often surreal content that can emerge from song lyrics.

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