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Graphic Novel Illustrations of Aaron Blecha

Posted at 9 pm on September 26, 2009 by

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Having seen Aaron Blecha’s exciting portfolio, I was keen to find out more about him and his work process. Aaron is known for providing artwork for various children’s books and folk tales, including the Three Little Pigs. His dynamic, vivid and ultimately very funny character creations are what stand out for me.

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Geometric Abstraction: Illustrations of Andy Gilmore

Posted at 1 pm on September 23, 2009 by

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Andy Gilmore is a rare breed of artist. It’s not often one comes across an extensive portfolio dedicated to merging technical ability with aesthetic beauty; and with consistently invigorating pieces.

With what comes with undoubtedly great amounts of practice, time and skill are illustrations that stand out for their ability to create seemingly touchable textures, shapes and light effects.

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Projected Images of Hollis Brown Thornton

Posted at 10 pm on September 20, 2009 by

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I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Hollis Brown Thornton’s striking and sentimental marker pen illustrations of old videos and cassettes on Poolga a few weeks ago. I love the colours and great attention to all the details in this work, including the hand-written labels on the cassettes. Hollis can also claim an eye-opening collection of wicked pen-drawn geometric patterns to his name, amongst other awesome pieces.

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Experiments with a Photocopier: Illustrations of Jeffrey Bowman

Posted at 6 pm on September 17, 2009 by

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I’ve seen Jeffrey Bowman’s refreshing work frequently in the past in various magazines, adverts and articles. It’s understandable why art of his making has found it’s way to such exciting projects as with Converse, Urban Outfitters, Nike and the BBC.
Jeffrey has managed to create an expressive and playful style that is unique to his name. I’ve chucked some questions at him to find out more about his background and his work process behind the textures and style involved in his work.
How did you get into illustration?

I originally studied graphic design and worked for different studios, in a designer role. I used my free time to develop my illustration and to see how far I could push it.
I’ve got to a point now where one drives the other. I’m fortunate enough now that the illustration has allowed me to go full time freelance.

Can you explain a little about how you achieve those grungy effects, halftones etc in a lot of your work?

Every few months I’ll head down to the local library with a bunch of new patterns and scuff marks and go crazy on the photocopier, experimenting with the different levels and outputs creating lots of different textures and marks.
From this I’ll scan them in and start having a play in photoshop, mainly with the bitmapping perimeters creating different halftone effects.

What is your prized illustration tool?

ⓒ Jeffrey Bowman, 2009
What are you working on at the moment?

I’ve just finished up customizing different awards for Converse’s Marketing Awards ’09. I’m also helping organize a live art night in Huddersfield which is in a few weeks, as well as a ton of personal work including a typeface, some new tee’s and hopefully some giclee prints, as well as an exhibition which is in its very early stages.
Excellent stuff, Jeff!
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Electricity, Ink and Brush Pens: Illustrations of Charlene Chua

Posted at 7 pm on September 14, 2009 by

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Charlene Chua has a portfolio of digital illustrations that display a very high level of skill. This feature focuses on her ink and brush pen work, that she combines beautifully with her technological prowess. I’ve asked her some questions on her technique and the tools she uses to achieve these dynamic pieces of work.

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Pencil Tools, Pixels and Agata Nowicka

Posted at 2 pm on September 12, 2009 by

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I’ve seen the illustration work of Polish artist Agata Nowicka floating around online for a while now. I think Agata has done a superb job of creating work that is truly distinct from other illustration styles. With her unconventional ‘pixely’ lines and audacious colour choices, she certainly has a unique selling point.

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Vagabonding and Illustrating with Sougwen

Posted at 2 pm on September 5, 2009 by

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If any artist I’ve come across shows real dedication to the hand drawn line, that artist is Canadian-born Sougwen. Now based in Stockholm, Sougwen combines intricate vintage pattern, floral design and flourishes, with fresh, contemporary colours and unique shapes. She is particularly good at creating striking images by superimposing organic lines onto simple and clean shapes and typography.

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