Electricity, Ink and Brush Pens: Illustrations of Charlene Chua

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Charlene Chua has a portfolio of digital illustrations that display a very high level of skill. This feature focuses on her ink and brush pen work, that she combines beautifully with her technological prowess. I’ve asked her some questions on her technique and the tools she uses to achieve these dynamic pieces of work.


Charlene uses either a Pentel pocket brush pen or Sumi or india ink with a variety of brushes. ‘I seem to like the smallest sumi brush I have, it lets me do fine lines.’


Charlene usually applies her textures digitally from physical objects that are applied through Photoshop. ‘I have scanned papers and other things to use as textures. I probably should make more considering. I have quite a few pictures of rocks and other things that are meant for textures.’



Her favourite and most highly regarded method of self-promotion is by word of mouth. ‘I also send out postcards and e-newsletters when possible.’


What are you currently working on?

I’m not sure if I can say at the moment since usually the work is confidential until it’s released. At least, to me it is. I am working on a range of illustrations ranging from educational things for kids to something for an adult magazine. I have a couple of things due by Monday and some stuff that’s ongoing until the end of the year.

Thank you Charlene!

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