Digital Grit and Drawings of Tilman Faelker

Posted at 4 pm on October 7, 2009 by

Posted in: Digital Illustration, Ink Illustration, Mixed Media, Pencil Illustration, Pens and Markers, Photoshop, Pixel Art

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Tilman Faelker demonstrates the benefits of incorporating digital tools to add an edge to traditional media.

Tilman makes use of Photoshop to add interesting effects, including mirroring, repetition and pixelated areas, to his drawings.

‘The source is always a pencil drawing that I scan, apply the glorious mosaic filter, print it out, work on it, then scan it in again and layer it.’


‘I like the idea of using digital tools not to achieve perfection or to simulate reality, but to get a certain digital ‘grit’ or noise; a counterpart to my relatively loose drawings.’





ⓒ Tilman Faelker, 2009

Thank you, Tilman!