Drawings of Matt Mims

Posted at 9 pm on November 30, 2009 by

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Look no further than the sketchbooks of Matt Mims if you are looking for edgy drawings created through a mixture of strong and softer lines. Matt’s work demonstrates an accomplished, jarring style resulting from what is clearly a lot of practice.


Matt uses ‘mechanical pencils, regular old graphite pencils, Micron ink pens and Sharpie pens. I usually draw in the random sketchbooks and Moleskines laying about the house’.



Evidently a very proud father, he fits drawing and painting time whenever he ‘can find the time between changing diapers and cleaning up after my son.



ⓒ Matt Mims, 2009

Matt is currently working on getting his website and online store up and running. He has original artwork for sale and will eventually be supplying prints of select works.

Thanks Matt!