Cool Character Illustrations of Brett Wilkinson

Posted at 3 pm on December 27, 2009 by

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Operating behind the pseudonym ‘Onesidezero’, British illustrator Brett Wilkinson describes the work he does as ‘a world of flowing forms and vivid colours presented as ultra clean graphic imagery’.

His work certainly reflects this, as well as demonstrating an interesting combination of technical knowledge with strong artistic talent in the characters and scenes he creates.

Brett has responded to a cluster of questions on the art he does and reveals some interesting insight into some of the things that inspire him.


How did you get into illustration initially?

I get asked this question a lot and it’s always hard to define the moment I got involved in illustration as it kind of just happens. I guess it starts as a kid, at a time when you don’t think of it as anything more than drawing pictures; there were no clients, briefs or deadlines involved back then. My choice to use illustration in my career happened at university; around the point where my studies in graphics were mixing with the illustration I was doing in my spare time.


What are the tools you use for your work?

I mainly use Photoshop and Illustrator although there are a load of tools that aren’t as evident in my work including my cameras, pencils, scanner, watercolours, inks and paint pens. I just picked up a 1960’s TLR camera and plan to shoot some stuff over the winter break which I can use in my work and am looking forward to a more hands-on approach.


What is your work process in completing your illustration work?

If it’s a piece for a client I’ll draft out the whole image first as it often needs to be presented to a team of people before its signed off and re-worked on screen. If it’s a personal work or a client piece with complete freedom then I’ll make rough sketches and draw straight onto the screen using them are reference combined with the image in my head and a stack of pantone colour samples.


What is inspiring your art most right now?

The overcast weather, a Japanese band called Toe and the amazing books by Tao Lin. I’m also into using photography as reference material and have a whole stack of new and old camera’s. I guess the one thing that always sticks with me throughout all my work is nature because it has so much to offer; other things include old arcade machines, science, theories, space and dreams.


ⓒ Brett Wilkinson, 2009

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working on a couple of new publication illustrations, some repeating wallpaper patterns for a design boutique, band posters, a range of snowboards which may/may not go ahead but I’m keeping my fingers crossed, a stack of new prints and posters, some traditional graphic design stuff and also loosely thinking of the next Inkthis exhibition having taken a break from the event in 2009.

Can’t wait, Brett!