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Interview with Illustrator Laszlito Kovacs

Posted at 6 pm on February 25, 2010 by

Posted in: Digital Illustration, Pencil Illustration, Vector Illustration

I found Amsterdam-based illustrator and designer Laszlito Kovacs‘ work through Poolga, and really like his uniquely styled creations. He’s also a contributor and designer for excellent Spanish design site End Topic. His fun illustrations have also been used in various inspiring animations. I’ve asked him a few questions on his style and work process and we sneak a peak into his studio.

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Tape, Pencil and Resin: The Art of Brooks Salzwedel

Posted at 2 pm on February 2, 2010 by

Posted in: Hand Craft, Ink Illustration, Mixed Media, Pencil Illustration

I’m very intrigued by Californian artist Brooks Salzwedel’s unique style and approach to these delicate works, that combine nature and rigid human-made structures. It’s nice to see work that brings in different non-digital materials to what we’re used to.

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