Interview with Illustrator Laszlito Kovacs

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I found Amsterdam-based illustrator and designer Laszlito Kovacs‘ work through Poolga, and really like his uniquely styled creations. He’s also a contributor and designer for excellent Spanish design site End Topic. His fun illustrations have also been used in various inspiring animations. I’ve asked him a few questions on his style and work process and we sneak a peak into his studio.


1. What got you illustrating in your specific style?

I do try to get close to the world where I would like to live. Illustrating is actually a therapy for me. It helps me to focus and let me forget about thinking for a while. I can’t stand a day without drawing.


2. What are the tools you use and the work process behind what you do?

I used to waste so much paper (I don’t feel great about this, but it’s the truth), sharpening my favourite pencils til they are almost running out, and keeping those that are 3 cm tall inside a tin. After the briefing from the client I take down the strongest ideas that keep in my mind.

Think about them twice before I begin to draw or try a sketch. My sketches are very easy and most of them don’t look like the way they look at the end. I’m used to drawing with my Wacom.

Once I get to that process, finally most of the time I spend on erasing, simplifying and correcting mistakes, leaving the idea as pure as I’m able to do it.



3. Who inspires you most at the moment?

I’ve been inspired by the work of animator and illustrator Chuck Jones.


© Laszlito Kovacs, 2010

4. What are you working on right now?

Now I’m working on a graphic-poem book called ‘Mi diente de oro’ (‘My Gold Tooth’) by a Spanish musician called Remate. I’m also finishing a Poolga App for the iPhone and iPad, my second one for iPhone as well after what I did for Qr Love Code. I’m excited about those two projects.

Thanks Laszlito!

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