Artwork of Maarten Donders

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I’m loving the colours and slightly twisted content of the work of Dutch artist and illustrator Maarten Donders. I’ve asked him a few questions to dig a little deeper into the work he does. A picture of his workspace is also included.

What is your work process (and materials) for your coloured drawings?

Usually I start off with pencil, make a rough drawing, and then start on the first ‘layer’ of color. I often use a water-based ink that’s easy to work with.

Then markers, pens, paint etc. to finish the drawing. When necessary I tweak the colors in Photoshop or add finer lines and color with a Wacom tablet. Sometimes I just entirely work on the computer, whatever suits best. Finally, when I’m done i put it away, look at it again in the morning and make changes or start over.

What was the main source of inspiration for your illustrations until now?

When I’m drawing there’s always music playing. Even when I’m not working, music is pretty much my fuel. I go from blues and jazz to doom metal and everything in between, although my favorite ‘work music’ is usually the psychedelic stuff from the 60’s and a lot of new underground bands that really blow my mind.

Besides music I’m always look around for things that interest me. My mind is usually overloaded and I’m easily distracted. If something catches my eye, I’ll investigate further. Things like record covers, weird movies and comics, old movie posters. I like my drawings to have a certain tension or atmosphere to them.

I guess you could say that most of my drawings feel like they are ripped out of their context.  A friend of mine always says I make illustrations for stories that don’t exist.

What are you working on right now?

I’ve been swamped with other (non drawing) work for the past months, but I have some good stuff coming up. In the next couple of weeks I will be making drawings for a couple of upcoming exhibits.

I’m working on a shirt design, a skateboard, I’m starting a secret project with one of my buddies who is an animator, and some other things. Between all this I make sketches, take photos, visit concerts and buy records.

© Maarten Donders, 2010