Delectable Delicacy of Laura Pérez

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Barcelona-based illustrator Laura Pérez caught my eye recently with a collection of illustrations that possess a highly pleasing feel that is both dynamic and light.

Despite only very recently completing an illustration course, her work has achieved a very high level of consistency and accomplished style. I asked her a few questions about her background and work.
Laura Pérez on Ape on the Moon

What training have you had in illustration?

When I started my study of Arts in my city I didn’t have an illustration department, so I started learning illustration by myself. Three years later I went to an illustration College in Canada. This year I finished my degree in Barcelona.

Laura Pérez on Ape on the Moon
Laura Pérez on Ape on the Moon

How long has it taken you to develop your style?

I’ve been always drawing people and animals but I started to be more comfortable with this style while traveling and moving form city to city. At first I used to work with wattercolors but now I always prefer digital.
Laura Pérez on Ape on the Moon
What materials do you use and what is your work process?

I start working on my sketchbook with a pencil or pen. Then I use Photoshop to finish it.

For personal work I like going to public places and take some roughs from people around me. For assignments sometimes I need go to specific places for referents. If I need to create some animal illustrations I could go to a park, pet shop or the zoo. I love looking for real references rather than photos.
Laura Pérez on Ape on the Moon

©  Laura Pérez, 2010

What are you working on right now?

Right now I´m working on a cover book for Penguin Books.