Drawings that are funny, by Marc Johns

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Such refreshing and simple funny stuff is being made by British-Columbia- based illustrator Marc Johns. I could flick through his cool and reassuring drawings all day.

He’s particularly well known for his doodles on post-it notes, which have appeared on the web for a couple of years. He sells them for $20 bucks a piece on his site and I love the idea.

He’s provided Ape on the Moon readers with some details about his work and what he does. Get your teeth into this!

Here’s a bit about my process:

Most of what I create is personal work. I don’t do a ton of illustration commissions, so I don’t really consider myself a bona fide illustrator. That being said, I’ve been lucky to do some drawings for Newsweek, The New York Times and Wired magazine.

I carry a small notebook and pen with me at all times, so that whenever an idea comes to mind I can get it on paper. Sometimes an idea for a drawing shows up in my head all ready to go. Other times it’s just a single word, sometimes an object, a layout, which I come back to later to flesh out into something more complete.

I have stacks of these little notebooks now, filled with mostly rubbish but with some decent ideas here and there. The drawings in them are super rough, sometimes unintelligible to anyone but me. But basically by the time I sit down with pens and watercolours, I know exactly what I’m going to make.

When I don’t know what to draw, I dig through my notebooks, and usually find something worthwhile. I should put some scans of my notebooks up on my blog sometime.

My favorite place on earth:

Too many to choose from! I’ll go with something close to home. There’s a small beach here in Victoria that I love to go to with my family – my wife and two boys. It’ small, and not many people know about it. (I’d like to keep it that way!) There’s something so incredibly calming and rejuvenating about being by the ocean.

Current projects:

I’m working on a series of post-it note drawings for an exhibition about work in Zurich. I’m also working with a big fashion brand on some drawings, but I can’t reveal more than that at the moment.

© Marc Johns, 2010