Original Texture by Romy Bluemel

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Romy Bluemel has a brilliantly original way of making images. I love the way she treats paint, scratching into it and drawing over it. The effect being a depth of layers you’d just love to dive into. Contrasting with these are the proud silhouettes and the bold smears of colour. It’s always engaging to look at work that seems playful yet controlled and directed.

We have a look at a recent piece she did for Nobrow magazine and other previous work while having a chat with her about what she does.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment, I`m working on a  poster for a play, which will be performed by a theater company I`m working with regularly. Otherwise, I started to write and draw a children`s book about a smokestack.

What do you find the most challenging part of working to a brief?

To fulfil the basic orientations of the client and at the same stick with my own ideas and way to communicate the topic through an illustration.

Would you say that you like to experiment with your use of materials?

While studying, I did experiment most of he time with materials until I found a technique, which I still feel quiet comfortable with and that allows me to concentrate more on the subject matter and the composition of a picture. The only thing I do regularly is drawing and sometimes I experiment with printing but when I have to work to a brief I stick with a certain technique (I paint with acrylic on celluloid and draw inside and paint and draw).

Is there anything outside of the art world that inspires your work?

Outside the art world? Film, literature and music inspire me but this belongs to the art world. Hmm… cities, aquariums (for colours).¬†The best ideas I get in concerts, when the music is all around ¬†it`s easy to come up with ideas. Solitude is good too!

What do you think that people can do to set themselves apart in the illustration industry?

I think it`s important to find a technique you feel comfortable to work with and then concentrate on the content and the ability to communicate through an illustration.

A unique style develops by itself naturally.

I look forward to seeing what Romy brings us next!

© Romy Bluemel, 2010.