The Weird World of Nima Ehtemam

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Like scenes from a weird dream, Nima Ehtemam’s illustrations are characterised by their limited pallet and fluid black key-lines. Nima creates his images using ink, spray paint, ¬†acrylic and markers on wood, canvas and paper. He spoke to Ape on the Moon about his influences.

What got you into illustration?

While growing up, boring classes and loads of school assignments are what pushed me to get involved into drawing for personal entertainment.

What influences your work?

My influence comes from music and movies. Growing up in several different countries has definitely had a lot of impact on my work.  I have a lot respect for street art, because it goes back to ancient times and it is part of the human’s expressions today. I am impressed by how these people put the time in to create a piece of art for the public in the society.

What is it about a black key-line that appeals to you?

I usually have the feeling that my illustrations look unfinished if they don’t have that black outline. The black is a bold and dominant element in my drawings. It brings out the perfect contrast I am always looking for and it is actually the most amusing stage of the process when I draw.

What excites you most about a piece of work?

I really appreciate getting people‚Äôs feedback and reactions. The joy comes to life when I find the solution to improve or correct a mistake when I am creating. In my mind or in my sketchbooks, I have a list of ideas that take time to develop. Simply because I can‚Äôt do them all at the same time, but when it is time for me to work on ‚Äúthe idea‚ÄĚ that has been sitting around for a while, then I get really motivated. If the piece is successful, I technically have to put on¬†music and dance!

Where do you see your style going in the future?

My goals of progressing my style are to be part of a contemporary generation. I will never stop exploring for new techniques. Art is part of evolution and I want to be part of it.

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