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The Riotous Imagination of Yoko Furusho

Posted at 11 am on November 30, 2010 by

Posted in: Ink Illustration, Painting


Yoko Furusho’s Tokyo heritage shines through¬†in her eclectic illustrations. From trees with¬†stockinged-leg branches and hair-based gingerbread houses, each image is a riot of imagination, complemented with perfectly balanced composition.

Yoko creates her highly detailed images with ink and acrylic, and is inspired by fashion and texture. This inspiration is clear in the wealth of patterns and motifs throughout her work.

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Raquel Aparicio's Delicate Drawings

Posted at 10 pm on November 29, 2010 by

Posted in: Ink Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Watercolour Illustration


Raquel Aparicio works with a variety of media, including inks, watercolours and collage. Her thoughtful, inventive ideas are matched with beautiful rendering and delicate colours.

I love how fluid and adaptive Raquel’s style is, and the quirky little details she slips into her pieces.¬† From Edgar Allen Poe’s sad eyes to the melancholy demeanor of the skeleton, each image is lovingly drawn and filled with emotion.

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Brian Despain's Charming Oil Robots

Posted at 1 pm on November 27, 2010 by

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Brian Despain has channeled¬†his childhood years spent¬†daydreaming into oil-paint visions of a not too dystopian¬†world populated by charming robots.¬†His use of oils and¬†his¬†quasi-realistic style¬†make¬†Brian’s paintings seem like both glimpses¬†into a mechanised future or an alternative Victorian past.

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