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Tavis Coburn's Film Covers for BAFTA

Posted at 10 pm on March 28, 2011 by

Posted in: Mixed Media, Painting


Tavis Coburn says that he is inspired by 1940s comic book art, the Russian avant-garde movement, and 50s and 60s print design.

Tavis created this set of five program covers for the 2010 BAFTA awards ceremony. The covers were based on the movies, ‘Avatar’, ‘An Education’, ‘Hurt Locker’, ‘Precious’, and ‘Up in the Air’. I think that it is the vintage feel mixed with the little modern elements that makes them work so well. Even for a movie like Avatar, with such an obviously modern look, he has managed to give it a classic feel.

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Seiko Kato and Intricate Collage

Posted at 3 pm on March 19, 2011 by

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Seiko Kato finds inspiration in Victorian medical books and drawings, and in encyclopaedias. She builds fantastic collages, which are epic in their details and intricacies, and often floral and decorative with an undertone of the macabre. I love her arrangements and the themes she works with, like here in a piece forming the character “Hana”, meaning flower in her native language, Japanese.

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