Unnerving Digital Collage by Randy Mora

Posted at 10 pm on March 7, 2011 by

Posted in: Mixed Media, Photographic Illustration

Here’s some great new collage work from Randy Mora. At first glance, his illustrations have a classic, elegant feel to them, but it’s the more unnerving, uncomfortable elements that tend to grab the attention.

Mixed in with the flowers and pleasant portraiture is an underlying theme of death and nature, but presented in a quite straight forward way, like what you’d expect from medical illustration.

Although Randy seems to enjoy shocking viewers, if not at least making them a little uneasy, I think his work still comes across as incredibly beautiful. The aged tones and simple compositions have such a nice quality to them, and the occasional whiff of organs, while being surprising, should also raise a smile.

© Randy Mora, 2011