Screen Prints by Otecki

Posted at 4 pm on June 12, 2011 by

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I love these screen-printed posters by Otecki. Part tribal, part Scandinavian design, and very full of colour and impact. I like the simplicity of the symbolic hints here and there, a lot of emphasis being on the hands, eyes and nature. Although obviously very bold in colour, I do like, as with most screen prints, the areas where the ink is less prominent, retaining a feeling of the hand made.

Although the 3 and 4-colour versions are very strong, I’m particularly fond of the alternate versions, where he has used one design and mixed the inks on the screen. This technique makes each print radically different from the next and is usually achieved by pouring different colour inks on the screen before pulling them through, smearing them together in the process.

© Otecki, 2011.