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Ape on the Moon Interviews Designer Mike Lythgoe

Posted at 11 am on July 29, 2011 by

Posted in: 3D Illustration, Digital Illustration, Photographic Illustration


Mike Lythgoe, aka Like Mike, took some time to talk to us about his background as a designer and his process. He goes into some detail about how his own visual identity came about, so a good read if you’re interested in how designers evolve and develop their work. He talks about his clean, geometric style, which uses a mixture of photography and digitally rendered forms.

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Kyle Tezak's Four Icon Challenge

Posted at 10 am on July 28, 2011 by

Posted in: Information Graphics, Vector Illustration


The ability to clearly communicate ideas is an essential tool in a designer’s belt. Being able to distil visual language down into a simple, easily understandable form takes time but is essential. The well-practised designer, Kyle Tezak knows this well, demonstrating it perfectly in his project, ‘The Four Icon Challenge’. He sat down with AOTM to tell us more.

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Softly Textured Illustration by Eoin Ryan

Posted at 12 pm on July 25, 2011 by

Posted in: Mixed Media, Photoshop


Irish illustrator, Eoin Ryan uses a mixture of interesting, grainy textures to create the unique feel to his work. ¬†I like the subtlety in the shades he uses, contrasted with the clean, sweeping shapes. I think it’s the coupling of these two methods, putting across the strong layouts with a delicate palette, that works so well.

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