Goldsmiths Graduate Sasha Campbell

Posted at 5 pm on July 5, 2011 by

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Sasha Campbell‘s beautiful photography caught my eye at the recent BA graduate show at Goldsmiths, University of London. Alongside her photographs of romantically lit dames is woods, Sasha presented photos printed on delicate fabric and projected onto cloth being gently rippled by a fan-provided breeze. Below, Sasha tells us more about her ethereal, fairy tale-like work.

I am focused on the aesthetics and reviving the importance of beauty and romanticism in our art today.

With this in mind, I use different mediums in which to transgress notions of idealism through fabric, light and print.  I tend to work with a constant subject, a muse if you like, which is a common trend throughout my practice.

For me, everything is in the edit, a good camera, an inspiring subject and an idea. Every stage towards realising the final image is part of my practice, from the wardrobe and makeup to photographing and editing.

© Sasha Campbell, 2011