The Dream-like World of Madame Peripetie Photography

Posted at 10 am on July 6, 2011 by

Posted in: Mixed Media, Photography

Part still life, part fashion shoot, wholly dreamy and wonderfully strange. Streams of brightly coloured, fake hair, painted bread, sponges, and balloon lips make up only a small part of Madame Peripetie‘s repertoire of props.

Like here in the series titled ‘Pugh-atory’, Peripetie evokes the same sense of wonder and controlled awkwardness in commercial fashion shoots. The lack of distinction between prop and clothing, between accessory and indeed the figure itself, is another interesting element that is carried through to other projects.

And, with a title playing with the idea of Purgatory, the place said to rest between here and the afterlife, you have to wonder between which two worlds the spectre-like characters in these images lie. Possibly it is between the boxes the viewer may try to put them in. Are they studies of objects or people? Maybe they are neither and both.

© Madame Peripetie, 2011