Mixed Media Illustration by Daniel Zender

Posted at 11 am on August 12, 2011 by

Posted in: Hand Craft, Mixed Media

I enjoy seeing illustrators who like to experiment and try new things in their work. Using a whole range of media, including torn out bits of paper, Daniel Zender‘s continuing need to play around with different methods gives his work a lot of energy and playfulness that I like. He tells us a little more about this.

I am a designer and illustrator, who employs mixed media techniques, and often combines them digitally. I really like using cut paper, ink, and acrylic, as well as found objects and typography, and also silkscreen many of my prints. I also print posters for music and theater events around my town. Usually, I a make a very detailed sketch on a piece of computer paper, then using tracing paper or vellum to make separations that I either cut out, ink, or scan. 

Often, my work never makes it to the computer, as I like to focus on having a physical piece of art in the end. However, it is inevitable that changes will be made for commissioned illustration work, and unless I have a very flexible art director, I end up scanning and changing things in Photoshop. I also make most of my posters in Photoshop. I am constantly trying find new ways to make my art, and I think this is apparent on my website.


© Daniel Zender, 2011