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Eve Lloyd Knight from Tactile Drawings to Bold Screen Printed Book

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‘Pedestal’ by Eve Lloyd Knight is the kind of large, screen printed book that needs to be handled. I think it’s probably not only the size but the textures she’s created in the printing itself that makes it look so tactile. The mixture of very handheld materials used in the drawings and the flat, layered nature of printing gives the images a really unique feel, coupled with the very graphic shapes and blocks of colour. She describes the concept for the book and the accompanying limited edition prints.

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2012 Illustrated Calendar by Human Empire

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It may be hard to come to terms with but, yes, it’s only a couple of months ’til the end of the year‚ÄĒ where did 2011 go?! Whether you’re a super-organised kind of person who likes to have their new calendars in early or just someone who loves beautiful illustration on their walls, you may want to check out this 2012 calendar. It’s been put together by Human Empire, a Hamburg-based illustration and design studio.

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Talking Printing Techniques with JooHee Yoon

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Here are a few examples of the punchy, bright prints coming from Massachusetts-based print maker, JooHee Yoon. Her prints have the charming fantasy and magic of more traditional children’s illustration, but can also achieve the more editorial edge of contemporary design. I was interested in finding out more about the kinds of printing techniques she uses so was over the moon when she took some time out to answer a few questions.

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D&AD Student Illustration Awards Entry from Jack Hughes

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There’s something about the way in which¬†Jack Hughes‘ entry for the D&AD Student Illustration Awards was both conceived and executed that falls so wonderfully together. As an object, it’s strikingly pleasing to the eye, but is also interesting and original conceptually. Read more to find out how a tragic loss brought out a deeper meaning in the project and an added sentiment for Jack.

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