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Monika Aichele Describes her Love of Colour and Screen Printing

Posted at 11 pm on November 28, 2011 by

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I’m really drawn to the entirely mixed media aspect to Monika Aichele’s work. There’s always so much going on with material, colours and textures in her illustrations, which has created in a palette and visual style so definitely uniquely her own.

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Peru-based Paul Anthony Rouphail Talks About Artistic Inspiration

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With a very considered approach, Paul Anthony Rouphail depicts the American landscape in his gouache paintings. I love the texture he is creating within blocks of colour with his brushstrokes, seen especially well in the close ups provided on his site. He tells us more about a famous artist he is inspired by, and how a move to Peru has affected his work.

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Dream-inspired Music Video for Felix Fables by Gareth Roberts

Posted at 12 pm on November 22, 2011 by

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Picture 10

Can something be a little creepy and unnerving, and at the same time quite beautiful? I think Gareth Roberts‘ music video for Felix Fables may be just that!  Well, it not surprising having found the inspiration deep in his subconscious while tucked up in bed. Putting my tendency to get freaked out by the surreal aside, it’s a great video that’s built around a relatively simple idea. But, the best ideas are simple— it would’ve been easy to go over the top with the strange and humorous imagery in this, but it manages to have just enough to get the idea across.

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Detailed Linear Illustration from Agnese Bicocchi

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I love the simple linear work of Tuscany-born illustrator, Agnese Bicocchi. It’s descriptively clear and stands out but also has an elegance in the smoothness of the marks. Although her images can be stripped back and reduced to a few key colours, they can also be highly detailed and intricate.

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Philosophical Game Design by Luke Pearson

Posted at 9 pm on November 17, 2011 by

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Luke Pearson created the designs for Channel 4’s online game, ‘The End’. It’s a free platformer, dealing with concepts of death, our existence and the afterlife, where players must navigate through physics-based puzzles and ponder philosophical questions. Head over to the website to have a go, but be careful— Luke’s stunning visuals and the unique gameplay created by Preloaded may keep you away from work for hours!

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Mystical and Psychedelic Celeste Byers

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Celeste Byers‘ world is full of modern psychedelia, mysticism and brazen sexuality. But, what I love most about her work is her easily identifiable visual style, taken across an mix of media, yet held together and cohesive from one to the next. from looking at her gorgeously mutated forms in her paintings and pencil work, you might think it difficult for them to translate into 3D, yet her sculptures look like they could’ve easily fallen out of one of her murals at a medical marijuana dispensary.

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