Quick Drawings from Tim Bierbaum's Sketchbook

Posted at 8 pm on November 6, 2011 by

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Most of us doodle, whether it’s in the margins of our notebooks or on random scraps of paper while on the phone. It’s a great exercise to help work on intuitive ways of creativity and has been proven to help us absorb and process information effectively.

For Tim Bierbaum, quick, unplanned drawings are part of his creative process, although you could hardly call many of his detailed, humorous drawings ‘doodles’. He tells us more.

“In addition to illustration, I work on a lot of films, commercials, and design work (posted here). I like to have a lot of these different projects going on at once so, if the¬†inspiration¬†for one thing starts to drop, I can move over to another with a fresh perspective.

As a result, I’ve created many projects for myself that can fit into tiny pockets of down time. This sketchbook is one of those projects: the drawings are mostly done during a meeting, while I’m on the phone, eating lunch, or when I take a quick break from the computer. If I have a couple of minutes to kill, rather than opening Facebook, I pick up a pen and just start sketching.”¬†

“Most of the content isn’t thought out; I just start drawing and see where it leads me. Or, I sit for a moment with a pen in my hand and see what images come to mind. Sometimes, a picture comes up on my screensaver and I start to copy it. Whatever it is I’m drawing, I’m trying to capture a specific mood or emotion, I’m not trying to create some sort of cryptic symbolism or something.”¬†

“I usually draw with either Micron pens or a Pilot G2 Mini. The G2 has a nice line but smudges very easily, which is annoying.¬†Most of the time I don’t pencil before inking.”

“I’ve attached a photo of my workspace. I have no chair at the moment so I’ve been sitting on the arm of the sofa, which sort of sucks.”

© Tim Bierbaum, 2011.