Dale Edwin Murray's 'Hip Hop Head' Series

Posted at 8 pm on December 18, 2011 by

Posted in: Digital Illustration, Photoshop, Screen Printing

Here are some examples from graphic artis, Dale Edwin Murray. We like the scanned-in textures he uses in his dital imagery, giving it a screen-printed, tactile feel. For more of sharp-edged forms and bold colours, check out his more recent ‘Hip Hop Head’ series on his site.

“I’m an illustrator and graphic artist and my work covers editorial, advertising, greetings cards, art prints and apparel graphics. All of my work is produced digitally but is made to give the impression, to varying degrees, of hand made printing techniques.

I try to combine halftones and textures with a bold, conceptual and stylised approach to create a contemporary take on mid-century aesthetics.”

 © Dale Edwin Murray, 2011.