Nick Sheehy/Show Chicken's Beautifully Surreal Universe

Posted at 5 pm on December 26, 2011 by

Posted in: Character Illustration, Pencil Illustration

Haunting owl-like creatures brandishing strange instruments, in battle with creepy serpents, fill Nick Sheehy/Show Chicken’s depictions of his mythological world. Perhaps it’s his characters’ hollow eyes that create the unsettling atmosphere, but the lovely pastel colours and delicate pencil work create something altogether beautiful. We’d love to see him work on a children’s book!

“I like to draw weird pictures of things I’ve not seen before, combining clumsy with precision. I start all work with a mechanical pencil on either Bristol Board, Moleskine or heavyweight drawing paper.

I like to work into a drawing with crosshatching or standard shading, using a combination of leads and then colour at the end with thin glazes of acrylic paint, colour pencils or watercolours. If the work is for a commercial project then I usually colour in photoshop.”

© Nick Sheehy, 2011