Philipp Zurmöhle's Structured Sketching Style and Digital Drawings

Posted at 9 pm on January 25, 2012 by

Posted in: Digital Illustration, Pencil Illustration, Vector Illustration

We’re enjoying the energetic and structured pencil work from Philipp Zurmöhle. Based in Nuremberg, Germany, Philipp works as graphic designer for apparel at Adidas Performance, while also working on his own illustration and design projects. His work is a real mixture, balancing a more digital style with his pencil drawings. He tells us more.

My artworks have recently moved away from abstract graffiti-inspired drawings to more figurative ones. Those often show monkeys or other animals in a tribal or cult-like situation. They tend to have a vigorous expression, that contrasts with their almost soulless eyes. I mostly use pencil, ink and aquarelle on big sheets of paper. 

For my commercial illustrative work, I use a combination of hand drawn elements and vector forms. I don’t like the very digital outlook of images, so I try to make all them look a bit more tangible.

© Philipp Zurmöhle, 2012