Vladimir Stankovic's Warm and Weird Insect Drawings

Posted at 12 pm on April 6, 2012 by

Posted in: Painting, Pencil Illustration, Watercolour Illustration

‘Entomology’ by Serbian illustrator, Vladimir Stankovic contains beautifully fragile drawings of insects with just the right amount of wonderfully weird. At a glance you might miss the odd extra eye or misshapen head. After further inspection, you’ll see that they are strange little, alien creatures.

As he tells us below, the soft, warm feel to Vladimirs drawings is achieved through a love of more traditional materials like pencil and watercolours, although the computer is still used.

My name is Vladimir, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator born in the town of Nis, Serbia, currently working on my master’s thesis in Finland. 

No matter if I’m working on a personal project or for a client, I always try to combine different techniques and approaches. I love the idea of contrasting type and vectors with the handmade and hand drawn elements and illustrations. The use of Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. is a necessity for every designer, but colored pencils, watercolors and markers are the materials I’ve been using ever since I can remember, and it’s always fun experimenting and finding new ways of applying them and seeing the results. 

© Vladimir Stankovic, 2012