3D Generated Landscape Sculpture Illustrations of Timothy J. Reynolds

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I’ve been seeing Milwaukee-based Timothy J. Reynolds‘ mesmerising creations coming through Dribbble for a while now and am always refreshed and pleasantly surprised with the sophistication in which he makes these cool computer-sculpted fictional landscapes.

Apart from being great examples of work by someone with a good eye for shape and colour, these get me excited about what can be done with 3D computer tools in the context of visual art and illustration.

The series here is part of various experimentations Timothy is doing, that we can now learn some more about…

What by way of experience/training have you had?

I went to school for architecture. Self-taught in 3D, I started out on SketchUp 4 before Google bought the company. I’ve been a 3D illustrator for the last 5 years, mainly working for marketing firms designing exhibits for various clients/brands.

Moved over to Cinema 4D for a job about 2 years ago and absolutely love the software. I’ve learned a lot through my professional work which I like to think helps me push ideas late at night for my own personal work. Most of my work on Dribbble is all self-initiated explorations.

How do you normally go about creating these particular works?

I usually begin with a plane [or any other primitive] and just manually push and pull the points until I’m happy with an initial layout.

Then start adding more details with other smaller shapes. I play around with lighting a lot, usually lighting a scene in at least two different variations until I’m happy enough with one to keep.

Materials are sometimes added, almost always with some subtle texture like paper or simple noise. Finally, some light post-work in Photoshop to enhance the colors and overall feel of the image.

What are your plans from here on?

I’m currently working on an iOS game I’m pretty excited about. Other than that, I’d love to get into storytelling, illustrating children’s books, making short animations/cartoons, more video game design, and I’m completely addicting to taking sketchnotes at any and all meetings/keynotes I attend.

I would like to push those forward as well, maybe traveling more in order to take them. I’ve also got a moleskine full of ideas for some new 3D series waiting to start too.

© Timothy J. Reynolds, 2012