Expression through Geometric Shapes and Colour by Romanian Artist, Georgiana Teșeleanu

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These colourful circles are from a series of art prints by Romanian artist, Georgiana Teșeleanu aka Anai Greog. We like them for their barrage of beautiful decoration and symmetrical patterns. Although full of bright geometric shapes, the images are finished with a nice, more tactile texture that gives them a soft warmth to set of the sharpness of the edges.

It’d be easy to imagine that different people would look into the mass of slightly trippy shapes and see different things.

And as it turns out, it might be totally appropriate for them to be viewed with the same subjectivity as you would a Rorschach test, with Georgiana taking inspiration from her work as psychotherapist. She tells us more about how she makes her work and that interesting take on things.

I’m 26 years old, living in Bucharest, Romania

The Circles rise from a very personal place, and their purpose is to inspire and create emotion. Any emotion is good.

It was never in my plan to create art, it all came as a surprise .Interestingly enough, I’m a psychotherapist and while  learning to become one, I had to undergo a serious journey into my unconscious (I am still traveling) and by doing this for a while, it became really easy to me to express myself trough shapes and colors.

I always had a natural tendency to scribble and draw, but only recently it grew in a coherent form that I had the pleasure to share with others.

I  was  first inspired by mandalas which I discovered trough the work of Carl Jung. I find the shape of the circle to be the most generous with me, it gives me limits but also freedom to grow all kinds of worlds inside.

And as for the work  process,  I  create the circles using  Adobe Illustrator  and  Photoshop for the final touches. The recipe is quite simple, I always start in Illustrator with an empty circle, and this is where I have the most fun because I just love playing with the beautiful lines to create different shapes, angles and perspectives.

At a certain moment I just know that I’m done and it’s time for the color to come in. This is not as much fun for me, because in my experience, color is not as friendly as the lines, it’s more capricious. Let’s just say she makes me work harder.

And, when the colors are all  finally into place, it’s time for  Photoshop  that helps me do some more color correction and add a  little bit of texture. 

When I work I try to apply the principles learned from art therapy: less worry for the final results and more playfulness. I started creating the circles as a way of having  fun and expressing myself, and I hope I will manage to keep it that way. 

And, another important thing that I would like to mention is that through my work I want to inspire other people to create, because if I can create these wonderful things, anyone can, it’s just a matter of finding your special style of expressing yourself. I think it’s sad to live all your life thinking you have no talent while your beautiful creative energies are waiting to be discovered.

I came to know my creative flow and allowed it to guide me to where I am now. I now know that I  always had it inside me, I just did the right things to let it come out, either with creative workshops or meditation and always with a child-like curiosity and playfulness. I really think that  creative expression is a wonderful  way to know  yourself and I hope more and more people would walk this path. 

A photo from my favorite place in the whole world: the view from my grandma’s house.  This is where I feel the most inspired. 

© Georgiana Teșeleanu, 2012