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Posted at 2 pm on June 11, 2012 by

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If you like artists’ sketchbooks as much as we do, you’ll enjoy making your way through the multitude of sketches in the ‘Daily Sketch’ and ‘Sketchblog’ sections of Dave Mott’s site. There are drawings that you can see relate to finished projects in his portfolio as well as observational pages and drawings for fun.

As he explains, he uses a mixture of digital drawing and traditionally working on paper. We like that the drawings done directly onto the computer don’t lose the same feel as the ones done on paper. It seems to be important to always keep some form of physical drawing going to explore ideas and qualities that those kinds of materials have. He tells us more about these two different processes.

I usually start with pencil drawings of the pose or concept, then try to bring that in digitally. After I bring it in, I’ll use Photoshop, SketchBook Pro or Manga Studio and either use as is or redraw it.

I’ve been drawing more in those programs, but still like having a sketchbook. Also, I’m taking many of the drawing textures I get with pencil & charcoal and bringing those in as digital brushes.

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