Seoul-based, Gwen Lee with a Mixture of Drawing and Collage

Posted at 4 pm on July 31, 2012 by

Posted in: Hand Craft, Mixed Media, Paper Illustration

We like the mixture of cut-up, found textures and drawing in South Korean illustrator, Gwen Lee’s work. The blending of the two techniques makes a nice contrast for the two styles, making both catch the eye even more. As well as the found paper surfaces that have their own patterns, Gwen also uses her own marks on the paper before cutting them up, following through with the hand-drawn feel in the collage. She tells us more.

I am Seoul-based illustrator, Gwen Lee. I have drawn some illustrations for books, magazines, package design, stationary, and posters. Mostly, I use simple ink drawings and hand-cut collages.

I like to start my work from location drawing. I love to observe poeple, buildings, and markets in the city. There are many things to document: the real, desire, the original.

© Gwen Lee, 2012