Pip & Pop Transport You to Fantastical Sugar and Glitter Wonderland Installations

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Working under the moniker Pip & Pop, Australian artist, Tanya Schultz uses her mixed media, site-specific installations to completely transport her audience. The place they are taken is a world full of wide-eyed wonderment and spectacle that would remind even the most serious of adults of the unrestrained joy of a kid and sweet shop.

She uses amazing materials such as glitter and sugar, but anything goes using her own mantra of “more is more”.

It’s definitely an approach we like and think works well to create the kind of impact she’s going for. She’s already exhibited in Australia, Japan and Europe, including the Gallery of Modern Art in Australia.

As she describes in her own words, her work¬†“unashamedly celebrates excess and abundance. A multitude of detailed and meticulous elements and objects are fashioned from a vast collection of materials. These artworks embody and celebrate utopian dreams and desires that arise from within material culture”

“I create super-colourful artworks from an array of materials such as sugar, glitter, sweets, toy animals, plastic flowers, and everyday craft materials. I make installations, drawings, sculptural works, collages etc.”¬†

“The installation works are like joyful wonderlands filled with exquisite detail and fantastical surprises. Created over a period of a couple of weeks in the gallery, they are filled with tiny objects (made in the studio beforehand), patterns made from pouring coloured sugar, and allsorts of things I find on my travels.

I’m fascinated with the idea of paradise and wish-fulfillment as told through folk-tales, mythologies, childrens stories, video games and cinema.”


“I work from a studio in the courtyard of a cafe in a beautiful old building in Fremantle (Western Australia).

I’m lucky enough to travel to many exciting places for exhibitions – at the moment I’m in Tokyo for a show and a couple of projects, then I’m off to Taipei.”

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