Patterned Cities and Imagined Worlds by Summer Graduate Ellie Rassia

Posted at 8 pm on September 6, 2012 by

Posted in: Ink Illustration, Pens and Markers, Photographic Illustration

Ellie Rassia is a recent summer graduate and produces these large, intense drawings. We like them for the unshackled use of bright colours, pattern, and sense of free-flowing pen on paper.  She also sneaks in a little collage, which usually being figurative, adds too the psychedelia, like they are the main character and we are getting a glimpse of their trippy visions.

It’s interesting to see her work next to a photo of the Greek town where she spends some time (seen at the bottom of the feature) as you can see scenes forming in the images, too. Clusters of buildings in the foreground, sea, and mountains in the distance. And this was the intention, the project being about imagined worlds.

On the project she says, “It‚Äôs a place where you can make everything the¬†way you want it to be. So, I started illustrating images¬†that were very bright and innocent. I made cities where¬†nothing bad could happen, people were happy and relaxed.

However, you could probably see anything you wanted if you looked hard enough, and that’s the nice thing about her work. As much as it’s an insight into her imagination, it encourages our own to do a bit of work, too.

“My name is Ellie Rassia and I’m from Greece.I just graduated from London College of Communication with a BA in Graphic and Media Design (pathway Illustration). I’m currently working as a freelancer and trying to find a job in art studios. My work is more fine art based. I usually work with collage, photography and many different colours.”¬†

“A place I live in Greece during the summers which inspires me a lot!”

© Ellie Rassia, 2012