Sketchbook Sneak: Bold, Visual Experimentation with Recent Graduate, Jake Evans

Posted at 11 am on September 13, 2012 by

Posted in: Digital Illustration, Mixed Media, Sketchbooks

A sketchbook doesn’t necessarily need to be a book that you ‘sketch’ in, it can be anywhere that you freely play around with ideas, and can put down thoughts without any pressure to feel that they need to be continued or completed.

Jake Evans, one of this year’s recent graduates from the University of Brighton, uses this approach in his on-going project of visual experiments. We really like the range of imagery he freely explores, creating strong pages that hold their own individually.

On describing the project Jake says, “Experimentation is a key component to anyones practise. This page aims to build an extensive collection of these experiments, offcuts and unused ideas to act as a back log of aesthetics and concepts.” We like the idea of development through investigation and think it’s a great way to find themes and concepts to feed into your work. Some of the quicker, more intuitive images end up having a much greater impact than something you may have extensively laboured over.

“I’m a freelance designer/artist living and working in Surrey just outside London, the designer part of my practice is the act of consideration and control, used in a loose sense, such as to design an illustration, a piece of furniture or a book.

The artist part is in reference to the personal elements of my practice, drawing tends to find itself in this category, a juxtaposition of motifs and concepts arranged accordingly. I try to focus on applying my visual language onto whatever fits best to communicate what I’m saying, however a lot of my drawing is pencil, sometimes with a bit of photoshop applied here and there.”

© Jake Evans, 2012