Scrawl, New Illustration Magazine on iPad and Competition Winner

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At a time when many people’s lives are lived through screens in their hands, on their laps or desks, the world of print needs to adapt. A quick look down the train¬†carriage at the amount of e-book readers and you’ll see that people are embracing the digital word for its convenience, but it’s easy to see why some might be worried. Luckily, new apps like Scrawl magazine hint at things to come.

Digital media might change the face of the publishing world, but it’ll be by opening up what’s possible. Illustrators and designers now have interactive media to play with and are proving that the future of publishing isn’t bleak, it’s exciting and full of innovation.

Scrawl is a new interactive illustration magazine created by Michael Golan and Roni Fahima. It’s pilot issue won in both the comics category and first prize in Mag+’s ‘Magnify Your World’ competition. (You can see a short presentation video Mag+ made below.) The magazine is in the form of an iPad app and was created as an engaging way for artists to present and share their work. We think it’s a fantastic idea and are looking forward to seeing what they’ll bring us in future issues. Below, Michael tells us more about the idea and where they want to go with it.

The app and pilot issue are available for free now in the iTunes Store. Look out the for the upcoming first full issue, ‘Power’ at the end of the year.

What made you decide to create the magazine?

Both of us are really passionate about illustration & comics, magazines, anthologies & fanzines. Creating a sort of magazine of our own was a long time dream of ours. We have tried a few times in the past to make it work but could not pass the stage of ‘talking about it and dreaming’, most of our projects started and quite fast died away.

© Roni Fahima, 2012

Why on the iPad?

We chose the iPad as the platform for a few reasons. First, it is a new and intriguing platform. Secondly, you can reach a wider audience at a lower cost. I know not everyone has got an iPad and that there is nothing like holding a book in your hand.

It is true that creating an app and keeping it running isn’t cheap either¬†but on which other platform you can reach people from the US, Africa, Norway, Japan, London etc. so easily?¬†Also, as previously said, we have tried creating a few print anthologies a few times and never succeeded so we didn’t want to go there again.

© Shiraz Fuman, 2012

What do you see as the future for Scrawl?

Scrawl was created as an independent platform for artists, which enables freedom and the opportunity to create and share their work with others. A place to discuss & experience illustration, comics and art in a new way.

In the future, we want Scrawl keeping that promise. We want to see Scrawl help illustrators get familiar with this new media and maybe by doing so open the door for them to work with other digital publications, that are starting to come out more and more.We want Scrawl to be able to support itself and its contributors.

We also see¬†Scrawl¬†reaching an audience that was maybe never interested in illustration or comics and opening their minds and showing them there is a wonderful world out there …

© Nir Golan, 2012

© Shimrit Elkanati