Playful Mixed Media Illustration from Recent Graduate, Inkee Wang

Posted at 7 pm on November 1, 2012 by

Posted in: Character Illustration, Mixed Media, Sketchbooks

There’s playfulness in Inkee Wang’s work, from Shrimp-headed men to the cheeky sexiness in her ‘Ladies’ series. All the humour is rolled up in a wonderful collection of¬†materials that she cuts up and pieces back together.

The characters in the world she creates pop out in their neon colours, but every now and then give the slightest hint of something a bit more melancholic.

Inkee, also known as Yingqi Wang,¬†is one of this summer’s recent graduates. When talking about her work she says, “I am a illustration student graduated from Central Saint Martin this year. I like to use a light-hearted and intuitive style; it must be interesting and visually rich. I experiment constantly, varying the media I select and choosing different styles to achieve unique outcomes.” ¬†

© Inkee Wang, 2012