Interview: Studio Tipi Talk About Decorative Design and Working as a Duo

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With the festive season already threatening us with long lists of things to do, many people will be keeping an eye out for this year’s set of cards. However, it’s not only now that artists are working on card designs. With people like the talented duo, Studio Tipi producing such heart-melting and timeless images, cards are a good place to look for inspiration all year round.

In our interview, they talk about the enjoyment and working atmosphere that is important to their way of work. It’s something that shines through in the lightness and joy in their designs.

We were especially keen to find out more about their working process and how working as a team usually functions. We talk to Judi and Keith as we take a look at their set of Christmas cards for Monocle, as well as two series of cards for Lagom.

Can you tell us about Studio Tipi and what prompted you to set up as a working duo?

Upon meeting each other we knew we had to have a creative life together, and studio Tipi was the most appropriate manifestation of what we love and what we do best: creating happy and imaginative illustrations.

What are the biggest differences in working together as opposed to individually?

When you collaborate with someone who you can work harmoniously with, both the process and the results could be beautiful and beneficial on many levels.

Would you say that you both have similar influences or is your aesthetic an amalgamation of your separate points of view?

Both, we would say. We share strikingly similar taste and interest in almost every area in life but at the same time have very different specialties as well, which makes it the best possible scenario for a creative partnership. Truly we are extremely lucky in that respect.

What inspires Studio Tipi now, day to day?

Our animal friends, music, books and just beautiful and mysterious things we encounter daily.

Can you talk us through your typical working day and how you function as a team?

Our routines vary from day to day, but in general it revolves around the projects we are working on. Normally, we like to start early for any sketching or drawing. Food in our studio plays a big part so we make sure we have good and healthy food to get us through the work day, and lots of nutritious drinks throughout the day! Sometimes, work can lead well into the evening especially for projects with tight deadlines like editorial work. But ,mostly we would like to keep a balance between projects and everything else.

You have worked on a diverse range of projects. Are there certain areas where you are particularly keen or do you approach all projects in the same way?

Honestly, we have so far enjoyed every project that we have had the privilege to work on. And though the concept for each specific project is unique, the creative approach and work process remain more or less the same. We start with researching deeply into the topic and from the result we choose the most appropriate concept and approach, then we work on the initial layout and sketches before the piece is finished digitally.

Can you tell us about anything your working on at the moment or that is upcoming?

We have just finished the work on the new issue of Anorak magazine, and what’s coming is … ¬†a bit of a secret at the moment!

Would you recommend what you do to any other creatives contemplating a joint venture?

Our recommendation for anyone who’s contemplating a joint venture would be: be free of ego. Once you really allow yourself to be open to ideas and suggestions from your creative partner, commissioner or the client directly, you will find not only the quality of your work, but the entire work process improved immensely, ensuring a long and healthy creative career.¬†

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