Comics and Ideas by Cartoonist and Illustrator, Grant Snider

Posted at 5 pm on November 26, 2012 by

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As well as a view on life that is full of wit, there’s a kind of poetry in Grant Snider’s perspective. His comics often have an introspective observation that picks up on the light side of the trials of being an artist. His series, ‘Incidental Comics‘ is a regular strip online and in print that shares his thoughts and interesting take on things.

I’m a cartoonist, illustrator, and the creator of Incidental Comics, which has appeared online and in my local newspaper since May 2009. I’m also a recent dental school graduate and current orthodontic resident at the University of Colorado-Denver.”

“My comics are highly dependent on words, so I keep a couple separate sketchbooks – one for writing and thumbnails, another for on-site sketches and random lunchtime doodling.

For my published work, I draw my roughs with pencil on bristol board and ink over my sketches with Micron or Pitt pens on tracing paper. I use Prismacolor markers for shading, then I scan the drawing and color it in Photoshop.”

“It’s important to me that my work preserves a hand-drawn look, with color that is appealing but not distracting. It’s also important that it reproduces well in both in print and digital formats. The most rewarding and challenging part about creating a weekly webcomic is constantly writing, revising, and searching for new ideas. Drawing is also a constant source of joy and frustration.”

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