Large, Intensely Bright Screen Printed Scenes by Dogboy

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In Phil Huntington aka Dogboy’s large screen prints, we are invited into his bizarre worlds in glorious technicolour. The colours used are bright with an acidity and intensity that pulls you in from the slightest glimpse. Once inside, there are masses to explore with his wonderfully creepy characters, their buildings and vehicles, as well as all the curious activities going on.

When describing his work, he talks about narrative and the conscious decisions made in the structure of his images. We really like the large scenes created with all the dialogue taking place in one frame.

They remind us of large oil paintings in their layout, which makes sense when reading about his influences. We’re captivated by these prints alone and, given that he’s only just finished his studies, we’re sure there’ll be a lot more to keep an eye out for in the near future.

Live and work in London after graduating from my MA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts.

Firstly, I work with pencil on paper and I spend a large amount of time drawing. My sketchbooks are A2 note pads, which I use to make landscape drawings and illustrations by piecing together the A2 pages to form ridiculously large tiled drawings.

As an illustrator and print maker, my work is conceived under the initial intension of producing physical objects. I don’t however feel limited or bound to this. I see the way I work as more of an outlook with aesthetic values based in print processes. The fundamental elements of this style, for me, are in the use of colour and line work.

I really enjoy single plane narrative works by collectives such as ‚ÄėElvis Studios‚Äô and¬†earlier Renaissance Artists like Bosch, Bruegel and the satirical work of William¬†Hogarth.¬†This is where I see my personal work heading.

I am less concerned with temporal narratives, where progression in time is separated into frames, and more interested, these days, in making large-scaled mega drawings that contain the narrative within one sprawling scene.

As a result of this, my work has become more architectural and I enjoy constructing fanciful, weird buildings and landscapes for the inhabitants of, I still can’t think of a suitable name, my world.

© Phil Huntington aka Dogboy, 2012