Magoz Focusing on Communication, Simplicity and Conceptual Value

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Playful metaphors and a concise visual style help Spanish illustrator, Mágoz put across his witty ideas with seemingly little effort. However, the stripped-down nature of his work with it’s limited palette and sparing amount of elements within an image is something he probably works the hardest towards. Clever design makes Mágoz’ work a joy to look at, and his narratives a pleasure to read.

As well as his knack for thoughtful imagery, we like Mágoz’ play with shape and space. His uniquely proportioned figures are absorbed into large masses of colour, intentionally undefined where it is not totally essential. Below, he talks about how uses of negative space like this are part of his approach to his work and what is important to him.

My work as an illustrator is focused on the communicative part of the image and its conceptual value. I use illustration as a means of transmitting ideas.

Graphically, I always look for simplicity, using plain colours and limiting the number of them. I try to use the line only when is strictly necessary. I like playing with overlapped shapes of the same color, then the eye is the responsible for finishing and defining the forms.

As for the method of work, I always draw small sketches and ideas on my notebook. Once I find what I want, I print the sketch in a larger scale, and begin to define the details of the image aided by a light table. When I have all the detailed forms, I scan the sketch and start to work on my Mac.

I work on Photoshop as someone who paints with acrylic or gouache over paper. I paint everything from scratch, using a Wacom tablet and the scanned sketch as a guide. Despite what it may seem, my illustrations are not vector illustrations.

It’s a working process that I have developed over time and I feel very comfortable with it. The style of my illustrations is absolutely defined by my particular working process.

© Mágoz, 2012