Fluid Movement in 2D and 3D Animations by Alex Grigg

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We like the movement studies shown in Alex Grigg’s animation work and were further drawn in by all the behind the scenes material that he posts on his blog. It’s interesting to see what kind of preparation goes into getting such fluid motions and depictions of weight. You can see from his regularly posted sketches that he keeps his observational eye for the figure tuned, and it shows in his work.

It’s also his brand of humour that we like, of which ‘Idiots’ and his Christmas gif are good examples of. However, ‘Play’ shows a subtler, more atmospheric side to his work. He tells us more about his process and the tools he uses.

I’m an Australian animator/designer based in London. I typically find myself animating, designing, and boarding for¬†commercial¬†clients around the UK and Aus. Lately though, I’ve made an increased effort to spend more time on personal projects. Right now, I’m working on a short film that should wrap up in the first half of 2013. I’ve just started keeping a production blog for it¬†here.


My process changes all the time but when Im starting a project I usually spend time away from my computer. This typically involves some headphones , a cafe, a sketchbook and a Copic Multiliner.

I draw out loads of ideas really roughly and try and get my head around the challenges. This is my favourite part of the process. After I think I’ve got a concept or two that work, I take it back to my studio and I try and figure out how the hell to actually make it. The idea usually evolves from there and kind of crystallises into a final image or animation.


My¬†commercial¬†work is usually a combination of Photoshop and 3D packages like Maya or 3DS Max. When I’m working with 2D animation¬†I work in Photoshop. There are plenty of programs out there that are more powerful for animation but Photoshop lets me make exact image I’m looking for. It’s a bit of double edged sword but I think the pay off is worth it.




(Made in collaboration with Ryan Kirby.)






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