Aleksandra Niepsuj on Being Inspired by Polish Poster Design and Found Textures

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Here are some examples of the superbly choppy mixed media forms from Polish artist, Aleksandra Niepsuj. Her images are made with an ongoing collection of found textures.

By picking up interesting pages from old magazines and books, and redering them through a process with a photocopier, Aleksandra builds up a bank of surfaces. She then collages them into her work to give it the layers and tactility we see.

Aleksandra has a clear idea of what kind of mood she would like to reflect in her work or, as she puts it, the kind of absurdity. For inspiration, she looks to a few of the great names of her home country. If you’d like to learn more about some respected Polish designers, the names she lists in what she tells us below might be a good place to start.

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My ‘art’ story started with the drawing of a duck, swimming in a pond with helicoper-like feet. I was six years old and my mum was sure she should sign me up for an art class. Although the famous drawing disappeared, I kept on developing myself artistically and went to art school.

wprost magazine_aleksandra-niepsuj

I work with pencil, ink, paint, spraypaint and collage. I copy old papers, books, magazines, postcards, lettraset by xerox, often magnify some parts. I’m usually searching for interestng patterns and typography. The amusement lies in putting those images into a new context. I work mainly analogue, only slightly correct and clean things up in Photoshop.


In my drawings, I search for humor and ambiguity. I like extreme deformations, but never anything scary— eg. an extremally tall person; surprising juxtapositions, a squirrel on a bike. I am also keen on inventions of the past, unknown spieces, books of records, folk, kids and primitive art (for its sincerity and awkwardness).  When it comes to typography, I am fond of  unprofessional signs and home-made banners.


I like to imagine how graphic designers worked before the computer era. I look up to the masters of Polish poster design, like Jan Młodożeniec, Henryk Tomaszewski, Wojciech Zamecznik, Wiktor Górka. A while ago, I also discovered an outstanding Portuguese graphic designer, Sebastião Rodrigues— a master worth remembering!


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Photo by Piotr Niepsuj


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