Memorable Graphics and Illustration in Full Colour by La Boca

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Award-winning design studio, La Boca specialise in illustration but work on any number of different kinds of projects. Since their setup around ten years ago, they have won awards for poster design, print campaigns and billboard design to name a few. Their list of clients is as diverse as their work, ranging from Ray Ban, to Ninja Tune and Studio Ghibli.

The work La Boca create is unafraid to be bold and colourful. They make memorable images and those that grab you with their masterful handling of psychedelic palettes and surreal shapes.

Scot from La Boca says colour is an integral part of their work and possibly down to the contrary environment he grew up it.


“I grew up under grey skies, on a grey housing estate, in the middle of grey central London, so colour is quite often important to our work. I enjoy playing with hand-made elements in a digital environment, but each project is different. Technique is less important than the opportunity to create emotional connections with imagery.”


ALBUM 5mm SpiNE FINAL3:Layout 1



VER075_SLEEVE_1:Layout 1



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