Collections of Characters to Discover in Harriet Seed's Patterns

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Bundles of warm characters jump and dance around in the patterns created by Harriet Seed. Rather than just the one or two repeated drawings, there are collections of people animals and objects jostling around the cities and forests. This gives her work many little things to look for and discover.

Harriet talks to us about a way of working suited to her. She describes the way her materials help her get in the right frame of mind for the kind  drawings she wants to achieve. Using printing ink is also part of her process, which she uses for a less digital feel in the textures. She tells us more.


I draw in those basic cheap student sketchbooks using a heavy 8B pencil. I find using basic materials helps you not be precious about what you draw‚ÄĒ my drawings don’t change too much from sketchbook to final piece‚ÄĒ I think the initial instinctive line is often the best.

When I’m making a pattern, I scan in the drawings and play around with the layout in Photoshop until I have got the repeat right. I cut stencils by hand and print using block print ink to get my textured colours.

I use a high contrast colour and then mix the final colour palette in Photoshop. I like to do the stencils to produce the texture as I feel it gives the work something that just working digitally just doesn’t.¬†

Autumn Trees - Red Squirrels_by Harriet Seed for Wrap



olympic repeat screen size A4

leaves tile sml

sketchbook 1

sketchbook 3

sketchbook 2



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