Fantasy and Reality Drawn in Minute Detail by Katie Scott

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There’s a certain quality of the old, linear drawings that where a staple in reference books, which might be missed among the more polished of digital art these days. Katie Scott’s work reminds us of the enchantment of these scientific illustrations and diagrams while simultaneously adding her own fresh perspective.

While applying the same elements that made them so great like skilled drawing and attention to the most minute of details, Katie’s work is as much about fantasy as it is realism.

Cross sections of the people plants and animals reveal bizarre imagined forms rather that accurately placed organs, pulling you into her own mysticism and lore.


I work in with both hand-drawn illustration and digital. The digital is actually just for the colouring part of my work. I basically use multiple layers of watercolour swatches, masking them on Photoshop endlessly until it looks right.

When I first starting colouring in this way, I told people I’d never be able to make the same image twice, which is still true, but I have certainly refined the process in the last two years.

I think my colouring is something that I’m still developing and getting better at.

I just upgraded the laptop in that picture to a 27″ iMac which i think is going to help a lot! Every time I open an old file now, I see all the mistakes and bad colouring that I obviously wasn’t aware of with the small computer. My work is about to look a little more slick! (I hope.)









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