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Being a member of istockphoto.com, the site that allows contributors of photography, illustration, film and now audio to sell their work, I felt it necessary to draw attention to one of the site’s real success stories in the illustration world. Tom Nulens, who goes by the name ‘Sodafish’, has caught my eye with his extremely successful series of beautiful icon designs.

Living and working in Belgium, where he graduated with a Masters in “Graphic Design & Visual Communication” at Sint-Lucas, Antwerp, Tom is a graphic designer who also wants to be an illustrator, envious of those who ‘have the talent to sketch something out of nothing, with detail and style.’ From the sketches and finished pieces he has sent over below, I think he proves that he is capable of doing so himself!

‘Iso Series’

iso icons tome nulens

In his early career, Tom has worked for some creative agencies, where he designed multimedia productions,
websites and flash animations. Over the years he felt the need to
specialize in those fields which he feels most passionate about: icon and
pictogram design.

Below is an example of his ideas sketched out before being designed in vector:

Sketch Tom Nulens

‘Furniture Series’

furniture icons nulens

Tom is currently self-employed full time. The majority of his time is spent creating work for istockphoto.com, where his work is for sale as stock imagery. He also creates custom designs for a select group of clients and teaches to small groups of students in graphic arts.

He owes istock for getting into icon design in the first place three years ago, when he stumbled across the site, and created a set of icons to test the market. His icons sold well and he hasn’t looked back since.

‘Senso Icon Series’
Senso icons series Tom Nulens

When asked what he has planned for the future, Tom says:

‘For now, I will keep designing stock images. This market is still sort of new, and I want to explore it more with some new work, it’s just too much fun. And the fact I don’t need much clients is very relaxing so I will try to keep that way of working.

On the other side, I realize the stock market isn’t the only thing and won’t last forever. Therefore I combine those products with some client projects. Very selective, and only projects which really interest me and are suitable to build a solid company portfolio for the future.’

See the work of Sodafish at istockphoto.com here.

Yours, the Moon Ape

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  1. Which are sites from where i can download absolutely free & safe stock images ?

  2. Graphic Design & Visual Communication” at Sint-Lucas, Antwerp, Tom is a graphic designer who also wants to be an illustrator, envious of those who ‘have the talent to sketch something out of nothing, with detail and style.’Tom is currently self-employed full time.

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