Beauty, Energy and Chaos of Micah Lidberg

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Micah Lidberg has interests that span America, friends, natural things and pondering. His work demonstrates a use of these things, but more so a real passion and careful craftsmanship in creating work that has energy and natural, organic beauty.

‘Tom Garrett was my first illustration professor. I hold him largely responsible for my interest in the discipline. He was very good at showing me the potential that illustration offers. That was about four years ago. After I left school, I put my website together and eventually got picked up by the agency Hugo & Marie, who I am currently with’.

Micah has a consistent work process for each of his works. Almost everything he does begins as a graphite drawing, with a tendency to using Pentel mechanical pencils owing to their unbiased mark. Micah would say the Pentel 0.7mm mechanical pencil is one of his most prized tools. ‘It’s with me at all stages of work: daydreaming, planning, laying out, and finalising. If it’s not my pencil, then it’s my Papermate Black Pearl eraser.

After the drawing is complete he uses ink on separate layers of vellum (a type of paper) to select areas for colour. ‘It’s slower than doing it digitally, but I like the results more’. After creating all the different pieces, he brings it all into Photoshop to compose it, before setting colours for each layer. ‘It’s a process that I find to be simple, but really opens me up to possibilities and complexities‘.

I asked Micah where he sees his work progress from here, in terms of content and style:

‘I’m looking to de-emphasize the role my computer plays in my work . I don’t really see me abandoning it, but I really enjoy making something physical. I’ve brought some watercolors and other paints into my fold, and I’m seeing what I can do with them.

As for content, I see my work taking a more narrative direction. I’m very interested in philosophy, science, consciousness, history, and general weirdness. I find that all those topics have a nice overlap’.

At the moment, Micah is working on a large painting that is hanging on his wall. He has some collaborations underway and some promotional projects.

‘When I’m not working on artwork, I’m working on cleaning and organizing my studio. There’s nothing like a clean well functioning studio’ There’s a large scale painting that is hanging on my wall just pestering me to be finished. I have a collaboration or two underway and some promotional projects’.

Looking forward to more work, Micah!

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